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  • professional translators Autrement Dit Traductions is a network of professional translators with university and/or “grande école” backgrounds, each exclusively targeting their native language.
  • qualified translatorsThe Autrement Dit Traductions network only comprises qualified translators, often with an engineering, technical or legal background, enabling them to express your ideas and concepts with a terminology appropriate to your profession
  • Translation in every language Autrement Dit Traductions is about translations into every language and in a wide range of subject areas
  • legal translators Autrement Dit Traductions is also about expert legal translators, accredited to the appeal courts, producing translations which are certified under oath and valid throughout France
  • translations of guaranteed quality Autrement Dit Traductions is about translations of guaranteed quality, faithfully preserving the style, tone and message of the original text to ensure that nothing is lost in the translation.
  • translation agency in the countryside Autrement Dit Traductions – a translation agency in the countryside, away from the stress of city life but still close to the world’s economic realities.

Autrement Dit Traductions is your only contact

Hélène Fournet

- Officially accredited translator to the Nîmes Court of Appeal
- Formerly translator at the European Community Commission
- President of the Association of Court of Appeal
- Translators Certified Member of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust of London

143, impasse des Chaussadents
07200 Vesseaux

Phone + 33 (0) 4 75 93 18 22
Mobile + 33 (0) 6 86 35 09 73

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