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Translation, Interpreting, Training

Translations into every language by professional native-speaking translators

  • Technical translation Technical translation (quality control procedures, technical manuals, specifications, lists, product information, subcontracting ...)
  • Legal translation Legal translation (all contract types, Company Register (Kbis) extracts, Articles and Memorandum of Association, hearing and judgement reports…..)
  • Sworn, certified and official translations Sworn, certified and official translations (birth, marriage & death certificates, diplomas, CVs, attestations, driving licences…….)
  • General translation General translation (websites, tourism, commerce, marketing…..)
To fully view this page you need to download the flash plugin macromedia <h2>French English Italian translations</h2> <p><i>Autrement-dit Traduction is a translation agency in the countryside.</i></p> <p><strong> french to Italian translations </ strong> Italian French translation and all other languages. We offer you our professional network to tackle any language. <br />General or technical translation, legal translation and sworn, training, interpretation, French Italian <br></p> <h3> legal translation </ h3> <strong> Legal Italian translation </ strong> Quick Legal translation from French to Italian, translating technical manuals and all technical documents, scientific professionals. <strong> Italian translator </ strong> <h2> English Translation </ h2> We offer our translation services, interpétation, English training to French and French or Italian and Italian or French to English. <h3> Legal Translation in English </ h3> Holder <i>Wine and Spirit Education Trust</i>, sworn translator, Helen Fournet handles your legal translation work into English. <p><i>Autrement dit Traduction</i>

Interpreting in France and abroad

  • Interpreting for exhibitions and trade shows Participation in exhibitions and trade shows
  • Interpreting for Meetings and conventions Meetings and conventions
  • interpreting for  Tele-conferencing Tele-conferencing
  • Legal assistance Legal assistance (court cases, hearings, deeds, wills……)

Company training – A la carte

  • Training by approved instructors Training in French, English and Italian by approved instructors
Syndicat national des traducteurs professionnels

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